About Me

Hi! I’m Dayna. Nice to meet you.

About Me

“I’m Dayna (AKA Nana), a teacher, a wife, a mother, a student, and an Orange County small business owner to Festiveknicknacks/Sustainable Parties. Before becoming more conscience about the environment, I would buy disposable decorations at the Dollar Tree because it was “easy to clean up and throw away!”

However, during my transition to a Zero Waste Lifestyle, I became mindful of the impact disposable party supplies, single-use tableware, and fast fashion have on the environment. I decided to start Festiveknicknacks/Sustainable Parties with the support of my husband Brandon and family members in 2019. We’re an Eco-friendly Party Rental/Party Planning small business although also host community swaps as another means to promote eco-friendly alternatives.” 

As described in the Los Angeles Times